Speaking Classes


You should take this course if:

  • you already have basic knowledge of English but want to communicate better in everyday situations;
  • you want to take individual lessons instead of studying in a group;
  • you want to learn new useful vocabulary and speak more naturally;
  • you can understand other people speaking English but can’t say much yourself;  
  • You want to finally stop being shy and start speaking English with more confidence in a natural environment;
  • You simply want to take your English to the next level.

After completing this course you will: 

  • Use more comprehensive vocabulary in different life situations;
  • Be able to communicate effectively;
  • understand the English used in everyday life;
  • Learn how to pronounce English sounds correctly;
  • Learn how to communicate in both formal and informal situations;
  • Speak English with confidence and not be afraid to make some small mistakes.

To complete this course you will need:

  • Good Internet connection;
  • Skype;
  • A desire to improve your English speaking skills.

 The structure of the Speaking Classes:

  • 4 online individual lessons (by Skype)  
  • 55 minutes per lesson
  • 1-2 lessons per week

***You will get  intensive individual sessions that are tailored specifically to meet your learning goals. Since you are getting 100% of my attention, this is the best way to upgrade your conversational skills in a short time.

*** PLUS! As a special bonus, you will get an authentic homework after each class to practice even more and feedback right after!

3 Payment Options:

Option 1:

-4 online conversational classes;

-50 minutes each;

-Price: 50 Euros.


Option 2:

-8 online conversational classes;

-50 minutes each;

-Price: 90 Euros.


Option 3:

-12 online conversational classes;

-50 minutes each;

-Price: 130 Euros.